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What is Brainwaves Entrainment?


Unbounded Brain - The 5 Brainwaves

The human brain displays five types of electrical patterns or brain waves across the cortex. These waves can be detected using medical equipment like an electroencephalography (EEG) – a tool that allows scientists to observe brain wave patterns. Each wave has its own function and together, they help the brain to achieve an optimal mental functioning.

The brainwaves entrainment refers to the synchronization of brain waves frequencies with the rhythm of some external stimuli such as a pulsing sound, light, or electromagnetic field. Brain, as a signal processing device, taking the external stimuli such as light or sounds and translate them in electrochemical activity
which results in the production of electromagnetic wave forms (frequencies), that can be measured with sensitive equipment.
Because the brain waves are changing frequencies based on electrochemical neural activity, the brain function can be altered by using sounds vibrating at different frequencies.

There are 5 brain waves: Gamma, Beta, Alpha, Theta, and Delta, from fastest to slowest wave.
Brainwave speed is measured in Hertz (Hz).
The slower brain waves are active during the sleep, meditation when we are tired or dreamy. The faster brain waves are usually active during the day when we are ‘wired’ and active. Two or more brain waves may occur at the same time, but only one is dominant.

Gamma Brainwaves

GAMMA (40 Hz – 100 Hz) are the highest frequency brainwaves. Some studies have associated Gamma with information processing, cognition, complex problem-solving, memory, and attention.
Too much Gamma waves: anxiety, agitation, and stress.
Too little Gamma waves: depression, slow learning, tiresome.

Beta Brainwaves

BETA (14Hz-30Hz) is a high-frequency low-amplitude brainwave, associated with daily waking consciousness and a high level of alertness.
Too much Beta waves: anxiety, mental blocks, anger, and agitation.
Too little Beta waves: slow thinking, bad concentration.

Alpha Brainwaves

ALPHA (8 Hz – 12 Hz) brain waves are produced when our body and brain are calm, relaxed and at the same time, awake. Different studies have shown that people who have a higher level of Alpha Waves are able to come up with creative ideas faster and have a better physical and mental performance, than those who don’t have it.
Too much Alpha waves: the incapacity to focus, daydreaming.
Too little Alpha waves: stress, agitation, insomnia, anxiety.

Theta Brainwaves

THETA (4 Hz- 8 Hz) are great amplitude and low-frequency brain waves that have been linked to experiencing deep relaxation, raw emotions, intuition, high creativity, and imagination. Also, they are associated with the subconscious mind, and the dreaming sleep (REM).
Too much Theta waves: depression, emotional instability, ADHD, impulsivity.
Too little Theta waves: insomnia, anxiety, stress, mental blocks.

Delta Brainwaves

DELTA (0.5 Hz- 4 Hz) are the slowest brain waves, found mostly in little babies. As adults, we experience these waves during the dreamless sleep or in the deep trance states. Also, it was discovered that Delta waves are involved in unconscious body functions such as regulating digestion and heartbeat.
Too much Delta waves: learning disabilities, inability to process the information, advanced ADHD.
Too little Delta waves: slow body regeneration, agitation, poor brain rejuvenation, superficial sleep.

Binaural Beats

The term binaural means “involving both ears”.
Binaural Beats consist of two audio tones of slightly different frequencies, one played into each ear (via the stereo earphones). By hearing two tones of different frequencies – sent simultaneously to both ears – the brain will distinguish a third tone based on the mathematical difference between the two frequencies. So, the brain will create a ‘ghost’ beat, which will be the result of the difference between the two frequencies. For example, if the frequency of 215Hz is heard in the left ear and 225Hz in the right ear, the result will be a binaural beat of 10Hz.
The closer the two frequencies are to each other, the slower the beat will be and the more profound the relaxation we experience.
The brainwave music has been possible due to technological advancement in the recent years. It is used by people everywhere to entrain the brain into various states of mind that help focus, relieve mental stress, reduce pain, treat insomnia, and a lot more.

3-Point Dynamic Entrainment

The Brain Evolution System is an efficient MP3 audio program that helps better control the brain -by literally changing its brainwaves.
This program uses the 3-Point Dynamic Entrainment Audio Process technology,  which mixes binaural beats and isochronic tones, with temporal entrainment (the process of slowing the sound waves or changing the tones in order to speed up / slow down the brainwaves). The way the program works  matches the brain’s natural rhythmic brainwave frequencies,  delivering great results.
The Brain Evolution System plays special frequencies into each ear – helping activate “peak performance” states such as focus,  increased memory, learning and recall, problem solving, high creativity deep relaxation and trance.
After few weeks of consistent practice, you’ll be amazed at the results.

Classical Music Embedded with Brainwaves

Classical music has been proven to enhance the cognitive skills, to help the brain focus better, and assimilate more information in less time. Several studies revealed that listening to classical music while studying can help us better organize and process information.

The brainwaves binaural beats embedded in the audios are meant to enhance its power. You must use the headphones to take advantage of the brainwaves.

The fractal animations will increase the effect of meditation by visually stimulating the mind into an elevated focus and awareness.
Here is how it works:
– focus your attention on the center of the fractal
– empty your mind of all thoughts
– let yourself be absorbed by the fractal while listening to the audio

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