While many studies and research have been done on the unconscious mind, scientists are yet to entirely understand its functions and the way we can tap into the vast hidden power that lies deep inside our mind.
The unconscious mind holds plenty of information that we may come across only once, but our brain assimilates and manages it in the subconscious state. If we know how to properly activate it, the unconscious mind can have solutions to every problem. Basically, we are capable to accomplish whatever we want in life as long as we know how to program our unconscious brain the right way.

The Power of Brainwaves Meditation

Science has shown that meditation has plenty of positive effects including stress relief, mental power recharge, memory, focus and creativity enhancement. Successful people are usually practitioners of meditation.

Unbounded Brain - The 5 Brainwaves
The brain works on five frequencies: Beta, Gamma, Alpha, Theta and Delta, each corresponding to a different state of mind.
Beta is our daily state of mind, of wide-awake consciousness when we get the things done. This frequency is the only one that produces fear, insecurity, anxiety, and emotional blockages. For this reason, when we program information, our brain shouldn’t be tuned to the Beta frequency. Mind not only takes in the information but also the feelings and emotions that go along with it. And once implemented in the unconscious mind, these feelings are initiating the major changes in our life. In other words, when we program with anxiety and frustration, the information stored with negative emotion passes into the deeper levels of the mind and is imprinted into our subconscious. Then, it generates that ‘unconscious behavior’, based on negative patterns. In time, this can create emotional and mental blockages, learning disorders, different addictions or uncontrollable anger.

Here two other brainwaves come into play: Alpha and Theta. These lower frequencies are associated with peace, tranquility, happiness and are found in meditation, hypnosis, trance or daydreaming and promote creativity and inspiration.

As products of a stressful environment, we often find it difficult to loosen up. We must train our body and mind to relax.
Listening to peaceful music embedded with lower brainwaves and nature sounds can instantly modify our state of mind. While our brain eases into Alpha or Theta, we are able to program the information in the right way and imprint the positive thinking patterns into our unconscious mind. When our brain is deeply relaxed will tend to lead to a quick change in a short period of time.

Manifest Positive Outcomes with Theta Meditation

When we are in the Theta state, our receptivity is elevated and we are able to access knowledge that lies beyond your conscious awareness.
Theta brainwaves entrainment plays an important role in behavior modification programs, being also used the therapies for drug and alcohol addiction. Due to the fact that Theta brainwaves increase endorphin naturally, the need for mind-altering substances is considerably diminished.
It is much easier to enter the Theta brain waves by using brainwave entrainment sounds.The video below contains a selection of relaxing classical music, embedded with pure Theta waves binaural beats and water sounds. The headphones are necessary to hear the waves.

Here are two ways of practicing Theta Meditation. Choose the one that suits you best, or practice them both.

Fractal Focus Meditation

Fractals are built up from the same basic shape repeated over and over again at smaller scales, similar to the process of cell division. They are great meditation tools. Due to their infinite repetitive nature, the fractals increase the effect of meditation by visually stimulating the brain into a high focus and awareness.
By focusing on one thing only, we can calm our agitated mind and experience the peaceful space between the thoughts.

There is not a time limit for this meditation. Do it as long as you are comfortable.
Sit down comfortably and focus your attention in the center of the fractal. Notice the texture of it and all the details. Breath in your natural rhythm. Imagine you are pulled inside the fractal. Let yourself absorbed completely. Allow yourself to become one with the fractal. Don’t think of anything and don’t move your eyes from the center. The fractal is your only universe now, nothing else exists for you. When you feel you lose your focus, softly bring yourself back to the fractal’s center. The shape will keep moving back and forth, but your eyes must remain fixed on the same point.
This is a great concentration exercise. Once the brain succeeds to stay focused on a single thing, your mind will become highly receptive to any positive suggestions.
This is the moment when the verbal/cartesian mind becomes a visual/meditative one. You start to move from the thinking mind to a deeper state of consciousness, in the realm of Theta.

Now, with the eyes still in the center of the fractal, think of your most intense desire. Imagine yourself in that situation and feel the happiness and accomplishment in your whole body. Don’t work too hard. Let it flow naturally. The feelings might not come right away. In time, and with practice, they will come faster. Allow this good state to deepen and keep doing it as much as you feel it. Be fully anchored in the present moment.

Breathe Awareness Meditation to Reprogram Your Subconscious

Unbounded Brain - Breathe Awareness Meditation and Visualization

Lay down in bed and listen to the music in the video, with the headphones on.
Close your eyes. Breathe in and out, gently, only through the nose. Draw attention to the process of breathing. Feel your breathing, and focus on the physical sensation. Feel your abdomen rising and falling and be aware of the air moving in and out through your nostrils. Inhale the air, keeping your focus on the nose. If a noise or a thought is distracting you, be aware of it, then return to the physical sensation of inhaling. Keep the focus on your nostrils.
Gradually, slow down the rhythm of your breathing and allow your mind to relax. Feel your body warm and heavy.

Visualize an empty picture frame in your mind. Bring up an unhappy event in your life and put it the picture frame. See the scene clearly (the environment, the people, the objects), like in a movie. Then start to take the colors out of the scene. The picture in the frame has less and less color until it becomes completely white.
Now bring up a happy event and place it into the frame. Visualize it in bright, vivid colors. Feel the whole scene again, as if is happening now. Feel the joy, the excitement and the happiness you felt then. Be aware it will remain in your mind as long as you want.

Repeating this meditation for 2-3 weeks you’ll start to unlock the magic of your life. By placing your awareness on the positive moments in life, while being in a Theta state of mind, with no fear and blockages, you will find a new universe opening for you. A universe that allows you to express and be who you really are, at your highest potential.

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